Posted: Apr 19 2016
by: Yves Daniels

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Sarah RecklessCat


Hi Sarah. Tell us about yourself.
I'm from Chambery in the South East of France. I moved to Paris 4 years ago because of my studies and work. During the week I'm a web developer/designer, during the weekend or at night I'm a model. In Insomnia we trust!

Your favorite item of us.
I can't choose only one! My top 3 is Join The Cult Red t-shirt, the Terrifying Tales t-shirt and the hot Death Panties!

The raddest thing you've ever seen.
Hmm, the guitarplayer of Parkway Drive performing in his wheelchair at Graspop 2011 haha!

Unknown yet awesome fact we should know about you.
If you're searching for something on the worldwide web, I'm the one you need! Some of my friends even call me 'the psychopath' because I'd give up sleep just to find a limited edition of something, even if it's not for me. I simply hate it to not find something at the best price or even worse, to lose an auction on eBay, it drives me mad!

What you dig most about the shred.
The designs, they are RAD!

Your favorite The Goonies character?
Without any doubt, Chunk! Because he knows how it feels like to be in love with sugar!

Favorite quote.
'I feel that I am dying of solitude, of love, of despair, of hatred, of all that this world offers me. With every experience I expand like a balloon blown up beyond its capacity' by Emil Cioran.
I even got this sentence tattooed on the back of my left shoulder, translated in French.

Your online coordinates.
Twitter & Instagram: @therecklesscat

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