Posted: Apr 19 2016
by: Yves Daniels

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Shana Vandewouwer

Hi Shana. Tell us about yourself.
I'm Shana, I've been on this planet since 1993 and I'm an (ab)normal student that lives her life to the fullest.

Your favorite item of us.
Definitely the icon 5-panel, so dope! It will be a part of my closet very soon.

The raddest thing you've ever seen.
Probably Thrice at Groezrock 2012, I'm a big fan!

Unknown yet awesome fact we should know about you.
I can dislocate my shoulders.

What you dig most about the shred.
Not only are there awesome t-shirts for guys but also for girls! It's really hard for us to find some decent and pretty cheap skate clothes!

Your favorite BMX trick?
I'm actually obsessed with flatland. I used to own a bmx and the best trick I could do was a fire hydrant, so yeah!

Your online coordinates.
Instagram: @vndwwr
Twitter: @shanashizzle

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