To be fair, the story about the brand actually goes back a long time ago. I used to be a kid who grew up in the comforting 80's to eventually become a rebellious yet straight-edge teenager in the 90's. All I really cared about at that point in my life was skateboarding, girls & trashy music. Many years later that nostalgic feeling for the past eventually got together in this lifestyle brand; it became a reflection of the person I used to be and still am to this very day.
I think I might be a typical case of the Peter Pan syndrome. Not to a dramatic extent though, I simply refuse to grow up and try to enjoy every single day as if it's my last. This is also the vision I try to encourage within the brand and by our #deathshredcult. A message that, I hope, inspires people to live life to the fullest, on a positive and constructive way. 

You're probably wondering how it all started though. Well, I used to be the vocalist of a hardcore band for almost a decade and during that period I felt I wanted to do something more on a personal and creative level. Being a graphic designer, I developed the brand in 2008 as a little side project and started out with a simple t-shirt which I sold on tour from the back of our van. As time went by, Death Shred kept on growing and slowly evolved into an international succes with a presence and following in over 30 countries worldwide.

In 2014 another little side project within Death Shred kicked in, called Thrash Life Mag; an online lifestyle magazine focused on thrashin', babes, street art, film and loads more. So here we are today. Having loads of fun with it on a daily basis, meeting the raddest people across the world and hoping to meet you too one day if we haven't already. You are what makes this independent brand to what it is today.

Stay rad.